The EUI Researchers' Union is a grassroots association representing PhD researchers at the European University Institute. It was founded in 2022 to provide a democratic forum for researchers to meet, discuss and take action to collectively address challenges. Despite being the largest group at the EUI, researchers' voices are often disregarded on issues that affect them. Part of the problem lies in the existing system of representation: a flawed arrangement where the presence of researchers in decision-making bodies only serves to legitimise decisions. The Union thus embodies a shared responsibility to create an inclusive and representative space, a living cell of democratic life at the university. We believe that a Researchers' Union is necessary to formulate proposals for the welfare of the members of the community, and to secure greater power to negotiate on the issues that affect us as researchers. 


Becoming a member of the union means recognising your place in the community, claiming space and making your voice heard.
You can become a member (free of charge) by filling in the following form: 

Meet the New Board Members

The following Members have been elected to the Union Board in the October 2023 Election:


Julia Galera Oliva

Simon Neumaier

Giorgos Charalambous

Dimitrios Tsiatsianis



Georgia Taygeti Katakou

Thomas Porsborg Sorensen

Ahmet Karapunar



Lukas Schaupp

General Assembly 

Call for Action

Join the AltSOU2024 Taskforce and help organize the conference or events in the lead up to it.

More information here or contact the Union Board by email.

EUI Researchers' Union