Local LGBTQIA+  Organisations 

Arcigay Firenze  

Circolo Arci Novoli in Via di Novoli, 9/r – Firenze (Fermata T2: Palazzi Rossi) 



A national Italian group for queer-identified women, with a branch in Florence


Movimento Identita Transsuale

National organization with resources for members of the trans community.  


The Queer Community Centre (IREOS)

Via de ‘Serragli, 3 (Ponte alla Carraia) Firenze 


Azione Gay e Lesbica  

Via Bronzino, 117 (50142) Firenze 

Association in defense of LGBTQIA+ rights and ceating a culture of tolerance in Florence.  


Toscana Pride    

Organisation for the annual Tuscany Pride – this year Saturday July 8th, 2023, in Florence.  



Intersectional Collective for Bi activism with events around Florence. 


Associazione Anemone LGBTQIA+  

Fighting violence and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and supporting survivors. 

Queer Tuscany Tours 

Tours around Florence and Tuscany on queer and art history.  


Love My Way    

Via Ghibellina, 40R – 50122 Firenze 

LGBTQIA+ intersectional association for social and climate justice and a self-managed queer safe space in Florence.  



‘The largest Italian LGBTQ+ independent information site dedicated to supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, its sympathizers, and diversity as a value of enrichment and the progress of society’.