For newcomers


In hope to help lower barriers of access to the EUI for first-generation researchers, we have put together a group of volunteers who are willing to provide guidance on the application process. This can go from answering questions, to looking at proposals or conducting mock interviews.  The scheme is specifically geared at those who want to apply to the institute but don’t have access to a network of support who can guide them through the application process. If this is your case and you think you could use some help, do not hesitate to reach out!

We are aware that applications for this year are due soon, but we thought might still be in time to help - particularly in preparing for the interviews (since the process does not stop with the research proposal).  Please find below a list of volunteers sorted by department, including research themes and ways they can help. 


Antoine De Spiegeleir: / research themes: international human rights law, public international law, international institutions and legal theory. Happy to answer questions or to look at proposals. 

Wojciech Giemza: / research themes: public international law, global economics, international economic law, history of international law, legal hermeneutics. Can provide guidance on the application process. 

Susi Forderer: / research themes: european union, democracy, social justice, comparative and european constitutional law, political theory, transnational justice. Happy to help out with any applications to the law department. 

Anaïs Brucher: / research themes: international human rights law, comparative law and european constitutional law, theory of international law, protection of fundamental rights in europe. Can help with proofreading and providing general information regarding the application process.

Natalia Moreno: research themes: competition law, digital platforms, and law and economics. Happy to help with anything related to the application process or questions about the EUI or doing a PhD in general.
Filipe Brito Bastos​ (alumn.): / research themes: EU administrative law, comparative administrative law, EU constitutional law.  Happy to provide substantive feedback on proposals (clarity of proposal/RQ, fit between RQ and method, narrowing down the project, assessing innovativeness). 


Martin Alberdi: / research themes: welfare and social protection, taxation and fiscal policy, political parties. Can provide feedback on proposals, conduct mock interviews, or respond to any doubts about the interview process.

Juliette Saetre: / research themes: migration and citizenship, social movements, identity, political culture, qualitative methods. Happy to provide feedback on proposals or answer questions about the interview procedure/supervision. 

Eréndira León: / research themes: migration, asylum, identity, critical race theory (CRT) and mixed methods. Happy to provide feedback on proposals,  answer questions about the interview procedure/supervision and do mock interviews.

Gaia Ghirardi: / research themes: social stratification, inequalities, education, sociogenomics, quantitative methods. 

Vicente Valentim (alumn.): / research themes: comparative politics, political behaviour. Can provide guidance on proposals, choosing a supervisor, and CV writing.

Victoria Finn (Max Weber fellow): / research themes: migrant political participation, (non)citizenship, and migration governance in South America. Happy to volunteer to help PhD or Max Weber applications. 


Eoghan Hussey: / research themes: social history, labour history, early twentieth century, popular/folk/rural history, Ireland and Egypt. Happy to answer questions or to look at proposals.

Alejandro Salamanca: / research themes: migration history, colonial/imperial history, social history, 19-20th centuries. Can review proposals, suggest potential supervisors, and especially help prepare the interviews.

Artur Banaszewski: / research themes: intellectual history, east-central europe, 20th century, the cold war, marxism. Happy to discuss PhD projects, narrow down research questions, and review proposals.

Thomas Croisez: / research themes : political/colonial/imperial history, geopolitics, early modern history. I would be happy to answer questions, review the proposals and help for the interviews. 

John-Erik Hansson (alumn.): / research themes: intellectual history, cultural history, 18th/19th c. British history. Happy to review proposals and help with mock interviews (and answer any questions).


Ezgi Arda: / research themes: applied micro, education and labor economics. Happy to answer questions about the faculty and look at research proposals. 

Alessandro Veneri: /  research themes:: applied micro theory, public economics. Available to answer general questions regarding the application process and the faculty at the ECO department.

Magdalena Kuyterink: / research themes: applied micro theory, industrial organisation, competition policy & regulation and digitisation. Happy to help out with questions about the path to a PhD at the economics department. 

Tuna Dökmeci: / research themes: labour economics, industrial organisation. Can give feedback on research proposal, motivation letters, and happy to answer any questions on ECO department, the faculty, and more generally about the Institute, and Florence.