What Should An Intersectional & Inclusive EUI LGBTQIA+ Policy Include And Address?

- A Living And Non-Exhaustive List Of Issues And Difficulties Encountered By EUI's Queer And Intersectional Communities... And Beyond -

If you have any specific issues, queries or concerns to add, and / or  would like confidential support, please reach out to us at lgbtq@eui.eu

Issues related to the EUI and EUI policy:

Medical care:



  Gender Fluidity & Transgender Inclusivity: 


EUI status and its consequences on our status in Italy, regarding economic, social and civil rights:

On Disability & Accessibility:

Broader issues on which we would like the EUI to be more supportive: 

Family & civil rights: information and support for queer parents, including before their arrival in Italy / at the EUI.


STD/HIV testing, HPV and Monkey Pox vaccination, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) availability: information, updates, and guarantees for effective, free, and local access.


Protection and support in case of difficulties with Italian authorities.


Effective access to sexual health (condoms, birth control, etc.) and reproductive health (e.g. access to abortion or support with pregnancy or other related issues), as well as access to hormone therapy and transitioning care in Florence.

Accessibility support to disabled members of EUI community living in Florence, beyond EUI campus.